About me

Hello Kris here 👋

I'm a guitar instructor from Stockholm, Sweden - with extensive experience teaching online.

Cool fact: I got to grow up all over the place because my dad was a Swedish diplomat — places like US/California, Africa/Angola, Switzerland/Geneva, and even Jerusalem.

I started teaching on the web in 2005 through my first site freelicks.net.

In 2006 I started contributing to   Ultimate-Guitar.com with my popular series "Shred Masterclass". I also founded  GuitarMasterClass.net, now a renowned hub in the online guitar community.

Currently, I'm occupied conducting lessons on different social platforms through my shorts and live videos. Looking forward to catching up with you soon! 🤗

Selection of my JAMS:

Shredding away on the beach ;)


What if Carlos Santana jammed Mark Knopfler?


Being a big Marty fan, jamming over Megadeth is always fun :D


An experimental jam where I use a midi guitar and my LTD for rhythm.


A soft jam where I follow intricate changes carefully.


Expressive jam with a super dynamic tone.


Jamming over an original backing.


Eric Johnson inspired jam.


Crazy jam over Jason Becker's "altitudes".


Mark Knopfler on steroids ;)


Melodic metal jam over an Avenged Sevenfold style backing


John Scofield inspired jam over and original backing


Badass rock blues with vocals


Midi blues jam with vocals


Southern rock jam with vocals


Allan Holdsworth inspired jam


Dark exotic jam


Phrygian metal jam


Steve Vai / Joe Satriani inspired Lydian jam


When Yngwie joined Megadeth jam


Mark Knopfler jam


Nylon / classical guitar jam


Ethnic blues jam with a touch-sensitive sound


Jam over John Mayer inspired track.


Me jamming over the classic Santana tune


'10 minutes of shred' jam


Some of my original tracks:







Thanks for watching man ❤️ Now let me teach YOU how to do it.