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Absolute Beginner

Absolute Beginner

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In this series of 18 instructional videos, I'll walk you through the fundamental aspects of playing the guitar, helping you establish a solid foundation.

Tuning: I'll help you nail that tuning game so your playing sounds on point from the start, preventing the common frustration where beginners struggle to get their playing to sound like the real thing due to tuning issues. 

Hand Posture and Tension Control: Mastering the right hand position and relieving stress will let you play seamlessly and with ease. Having these basics down will pay off big time down the line.

Chord Shifting: Correct practicing is the key to smooth chord transitions, allowing you to change between chords seamlessly and without hesitation.

Barre Chords: Tackle barre chords like a pro, opening up a whole new world of musical fun.

Chord "Cheats": We'll explore clever shortcuts and techniques to simplify complex chords, making your chord progressions smooth and enjoyable. You'll be rocking your favorite songs even faster.

Strumming: We're diving into the world of strumming, working on both down and upstrokes. I'll show you how to put it all together to create real grooves, just like the ones used in famous songs.

Riffs: Let's break it down and work on the basics of crafting simple, tight riffs that suit both acoustic and electric. We'll cover the essentials like rhythm, downstrokes, palm muting, and finding that sweet groove. 

Effective Practice Strategies: For beginners, it's crucial to understand what, how, and when to practice to keep it focused and productive. I'll share insights to help you navigate practice sessions, emphasizing the importance of short-term rewards to avoid getting discouraged. 

In this course I handpicked only the essential stuff you need. It's the perfect prep for diving into my advanced courses. No fluff, just what you gotta know.

Included: Guitar Pro tabs, chord charts & PDFs

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