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Accelerated Speed Building

Accelerated Speed Building

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Develop speed as quickly as possible using my most thoroughly tested patterns and licks. This 27-video lesson course covers:

Muscle Memory: Rely on instinct, not memorization when playing fast scales.

Speed Mechanics: Learn the small details that make all the difference when playing fast.

Tapping: Develop unbelievable speed from day 1, then apply your newly acquired skills to construct more advanced runs.

Legato: With smart use of hammer-ons & pull-offs, deliver quick results and build a technique allowing for impressive solos.

Alternate Picking: Transform your average picking technique into SPEEDpicking

Technique Crossovers: By combining various techniques, you can extract the advantages and double your speed.

Effective practice: Do not waste your time practicing endlessly without results. Just a few minutes of daily practice can give you a breakthrough.

Speed Hacks: Learn various approaches that make your playing appear even more advanced than it is.

Speed troubleshooting: What to do when playing fast isn't working for you.

This course is all about getting you to play fast ASAP, using techniques that fit your hands, experience and level.

Contains various examples in Guitar Pro & PDF format.

Within 30 days, you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

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