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Arpeggio Mastery

Arpeggio Mastery

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25 video lessons where I share my unique techniques for mastering arpeggios - including some never-before-seen methods!

Sweep Picking Arpeggios: Develop the ability to smoothly and effortlessly perform arpeggios that create a mesmerizing, fluid sound.

Hybrid Picking Arpeggios: Incorporate hybrid picking techniques into your arpeggio playing to add complexity and uniqueness to your sound.

Hammer-ons from Nowhere Arpeggios: Execute impressive arpeggio runs using hammer-ons that seem to materialize out of thin air.

Versatility Across String Counts: Whether it's 2, 3, 5, or 6 strings, you'll gain proficiency in arpeggios of various types.

Diatonic Approach: A key component in my playing which allows me to reuse whichever arpeggio shape I am most comfortable with, and play it all over the fretboard at high speed. You should start incorporating this technique as well.

Stretching Your Skills: Conquer challenging wide-stretch arpeggio extensions, pushing your playing abilities to new heights.

Chromatic & Modal Arpeggio Extensions: Explore advanced concepts by incorporating chromatic and modal arpeggio extensions into your repertoire. Features many of my original approaches.

Arpeggio improvisation:  My unique method which combines a specific set of techniques to help you play triad arpeggios at faster speeds when jamming. In combination with the Diatonic approach, you'll have a lethal tool under your belt.

This course stands out because it takes simple arpeggio shapes and applies them to the entire fretboard. This makes it easier to build up speed and discover new, unique sounds through substitutions. Emphasis is placed on speed, flexibility, fluidity, and innovation.

Contains Backing Tracks, Scale diagrams, Guitar Pro Tabs, PDFs 

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