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Blazing Pentatonics

Blazing Pentatonics

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Master this precise, aggressive, and rapid playing style showcased in my 13-video course.

Two-Note-Per-String Alternate Picking: Learn the 2NPS approach, breaking down precise motion mechanics in detail.

Blaze with hammer-ons & pull-offs: Explosive licks that do not require advanced picking skills.

Ascending & Descending Exercises: Meticulously crafted exercises, guiding you step-by-step from single-string 2NPS application to full-scale six-string eruption.

Melodic Blaze: Learn how to infuse melody within your explosive runs and practice it through numerous exercises and licks.

Rhythmic Displacement: This simple trick brings your runs to life by injecting unpredictable repetition, making it easy to tweak and vary the patterns you've already mastered.

Horisontal Blaze: Learn how to traverse blazing pentatonic patterns across the fretboard.

Extreme Intervals: Achieve futuristic tones by blending cutting-edge technique with wide intervals.

Mix 'N Match: Throughout the course, you'll learn how to apply mix 'n match techniques to rapidly multiply your arsenal of licks and create new ones on the fly.

Blazing tone: Learn the tricks to dialing in a smooth yet aggressive sound on any high-gain rig.

Contains examples in Guitar Pro & PDF format and scale diagrams.

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