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Bouncy Phrasing

Bouncy Phrasing

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This is an original technique, which I haven't seen anybody else cover or explain. I use bouncing all the time when playing lead 😎👌

Hammer-ons from Nowhere: Discover how to effortlessly integrate hammer-ons from nowhere into your phrasing, creating a bouncy and expressive quality.

Bouncy Legato Magic: Legato makes the bounce come life, and injects an explosive & unpredictable quality to your lines. 

Hybrid Picking Mastery: We'll use this technique to infuse your guitar lines with a dynamic bounce that pops.

String Skipping Dynamics: An essential component of the bouncy style, to craft melodies that dance between strings with energy and finesse.

Stacked & Creative Bounce: Learn creative ways to stack your bounce, resulting in unique and rhythmically engaging guitar phrases that sound amazing.

Bounce in Your Improvisations & Leads: Apply your newfound bounce skills directly to improvisations and lead guitar playing, and watch your solos come to life.

Troubleshoot Your Bounce Technique: Identify and overcome common challenges in bounce technique, ensuring that your playing remains consistently smooth, lively, and groovy.

With my exclusive BOUNCE approach, you'll learn a technique guaranteed to make your playing stand out — a method you won't find taught elsewhere.

Contains Guitar Pro tabs & PDFs

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