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Theory Crash Course: ALL Scale Degrees

Theory Crash Course: ALL Scale Degrees

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This method is the secret to how I am able to continuously produce new licks and create multiple viral ones each day. By mastering ALL twelve scale degrees - you will cover all scales and modes you'll ever encounter.

Over two decades of creative thinking have led to this technique, designed to make music theory more accessible for my students.

Across 15 lessons, I've carefully dissected the method for you:

 * All 12 scale degrees broken down, analyzed & exemplified.

* Numerous examples centered around the pentatonic scale for a quick start.

* Jam sessions with analysis, using backings in different keys.

* Can be used in all styles of music.

With just a few basic steps you’ll take full control of theory when soloing or riffing.

* Produce new sounds and scales on the fly:


This is a unique approach, which allows you to make scales your friends, so you can begin using them rather than struggling against them! 

Includes scale diagrams & backings. 

Within 30 days, you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

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