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Intermediate Lead

Intermediate Lead

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If you've been playing rhythm guitar but have yet to pick up lead, this course is for you! Across 15 lessons, I'll teach you:

Introduction to Picking the Pentatonic Scale: Lay the foundation for lead guitar by mastering the essential pentatonic scale and its picking techniques.

Hammer-Ons: Develop the ability to create fluid and seamless legato phrases with hammer-ons.

Pull-Offs: Master the art of pull-offs to further enhance your fluidity.

Bending: Dive into bending techniques, allowing you to add emotion and depth to your leads.

Vibrato: Discover the secrets of achieving expressive and controlled vibrato, a hallmark of great players.

Double Stops: Learn how to play harmonically rich double stops, enhancing your solos and melodies.

Hybrid Picking: Incorporate hybrid picking techniques into your lead playing, adding flexibility, flavor & punch to your style.

Lick Construction: The art of constructing captivating guitar licks that grab your listeners' attention.

The Power of Repetition: Discover how repetition can be used to come up with fresh licks - without having to start from scratch!

Effective Practicing: Gain insights into efficient practicing methods that will accelerate your progress as a lead guitarist.

Back in the day, I wish I had a course like this when I got serious about guitar. Going from riffs and chords to rocking the lead demands a mindset shift, and nowadays, these approaches are the bread and butter of my lead playing style. My goal with this course is to make that journey a whole lot smoother for you.

Extras: Guitar pro tabs, PDFs, Scale chart, Backing track


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