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Riff Class

Riff Class

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Beginner-friendly course designed to improve your accuracy, hand and finger coordination, speed, and groove. Practice riffs carefully structured in increasing difficulty, and learn essential music theory along the way to become a well-rounded musician ready to jam with others.

Music Theory Essentials:

  • Soft Introduction to Scale Degrees and Intervals: Communicate with other musicians, figure out music by ear, and eventually write your own original material without struggling with complex theoretical concepts.

Timing & Rhythm:

  • Simple 3-Step Process: Master accurate timing and respect musical pauses and silences to perfect your riffs.

Full hand exercising:

  • Gradual Difficulty Increase: Build speed and accuracy through progressively challenging material, giving your hands a full workout by jamming with your favorite riffs.

Tricks Of The Trade:

  • Subtle Playing Nuances: Gain control over noise and tightness with pro techniques.

Scalar Preparation:

  • Left Hand Fingering: Prepare for scalar and lead playing as the difficulty level increases.

Dyad Chords:

  • Expand Your Vocabulary: Learn to play and use dyad chords, going beyond simple power chords.

Riff With Chords:

  • Favorite Chords & Voicings: Discover some of my favorite chords and voicings to enhance your riffing.

Mix N Match Magic:

  • Multiply Your Arsenal: Apply mix-and-match techniques to boost your progress and expand your repertoire.

It's all about the attitude:

  • Playing with Feeling: Learn the micro techniques that pros use to play with real feeling and commitment. By understanding and adopting these subtle tricks, you’ll be able to rock for real.

Contains examples in Guitar Pro & PDF format and chord diagrams.

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