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Slow Phrasing

Slow Phrasing

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Features my absolute preferred tools for building expressive phrases on the guitar.

They can be coupled with advanced playing techniques to build towards climax, or be used standalone for slow epic phrasing. In 15 lessons I show you:

Essential phrasing techniques, including pre-bending, articulation, accelerando & ritardando and dynamic picking. These tools are designed to help you find the exact phrasing you need for expressiveness, no matter what genre you play.

My favorite go-to phrases. These are the ones I use all the time to add emotion to my playing.

A beginner-friendly, single-finger phrasing technique to kickstart your lead playing journey with no prior musical experience required.

Backing tracks: Use my favorite backing tracks to put all the concepts into practice. Bring your phrases to life and get confident with the tools you have just learned.

Effective practice techniques for improving your leads. My recommended way to practice your phrasing skills and develop your musicianship.

This course offers short-term gains while you work toward your long-term objective of expressing yourself freely on the instrument.

Contains: Guitar Pro tabs, PDfs, scale diagrams and backing tracks. Let's make your guitar sing!

Within 30 days, you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

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