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Smart Practice

Smart Practice

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Accelerate your progress and create a tailored learning journey with my comprehensive course featuring 39 instructional videos.

Develop a solid foundation: Get it right from scratch and avoid picking up bad habits along the way.

Technical groundwork: Proper practice now can save you years of frustration in the future.

Practicing efficiency: Discover how to maximize your progress with minimal time investment during your sessions.

Top warm-up strategies: Boost your learning pace with clever warm-up techniques.

Effective exercises: Covers a wide range of exercises, such as Rock Rhythm, Funky/Bluesy Rhythm, Alternate Picking, Legato, Hybrid Picking, and Expression/Vibrato.

Scale Mastery: The exercises are designed to gradually give you total control of the most important scales in rock.

Putting theory into practice: Everything you need to turn your exercises into awesome licks.

Clean technique: Practice tips that lead to a clean, noise-free technique with perfect clarity and hand synchronization.

Mastering the fretboard: Emphasizes the development of shredding skills across the entire fretboard using pentatonic and minor scales.

Tailored learning: Provides you with the means to create a learning path that suits your unique needs.

Practice Roadmaps: Create your practice routines using my example templates as starting guides. Plan your milestones and final goal wisely.

Breaking bad habits: What to do if you've picked up some bad playing habits.

Pro tips & practice hacks: All the tricks I personally use in my daily routine for maximum result.

This course is the result of 30 years of practicing and teaching, and it's my most comprehensive offering to date. Contains examples in Guitar Pro & PDF format, Practice Roadmaps, and various scale diagrams.

Within 30 days, you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

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