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Total Scalar Control (3nps)

Total Scalar Control (3nps)

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Play Scales in Any Direction, at Any Speed

Master the art of scale playing with a powerful combination of alternate picking, economy picking, and legato techniques. This course focuses on 3NPS (Three Notes Per String) patterns, enabling you to effortlessly shred through any 7 or 8-note scales, including minor, major, modes, harmonic minor, and diminished scales.

Technique Mastery: Overcome common pitfalls with a smart blend of picking and legato techniques, ensuring seamless transitions and fluid playing.

Modern solutions: Break free from the limitations of traditional scalar soloing by adopting a modern approach to fretboard navigation at high speeds.

Endless Variations: Learn to adapt and modify your runs on the fly, allowing for true freedom and creativity across the fretboard.

Inside the string picking: Extract the benefits of inside string picking and understand when and how to use it effectively.

Economy Picking: Tackle any picking challenge with ease and achieve top speeds with efficiency.

Legato:  Discover how legato can resolve hand synchronization issues and become your go-to technique in challenging scenarios.

HORIZONTAL: Explore my favorite patterns for horizontal neck navigation, inspired by Yngwie Malmsteen's style.

VERTICAL: Master brutal vertical runs with effortless variations to add depth to your playing.

DIAGONAL: Simplify and speed up your diagonal runs with clever note groupings.

Improvisation: Transform your improvisation skills with a game-changing, non-musical exercise designed to enable lightning-fast, improvised scales.

Contains examples in Guitar Pro & PDF format.

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