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Unlock The Pentatonic Scale

Unlock The Pentatonic Scale

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This course is the most comprehensive I've encountered on the Pentatonic scale to date. Throughout 15 lessons, we'll cover:

Understanding Pentatonic Scale Degrees: Gain a deep understanding of the five pentatonic notes, providing you with a solid foundation for any scale later on.

Adding Extensions: By adding extensions to the pentatonic scale, we'll open up a world of creative possibilities.

Key Shifting / Transposing: Learn how to effortlessly shift between keys and transpose your favorite licks and melodies.

Classic & Angular Example Licks: Expand your pentatonic vocabulary.

Connecting Boxes: Connect different pentatonic scale boxes across the fretboard for fluid and seamless soloing.

Transposing Adjacent Boxes: Transposing between adjacent scale boxes, allowing you to create blistering solos in any key.

Horizontal Practice: Develop your horizontal playing skills, unlocking new avenues for fluid soloing.

The pentatonic scale is my go-to, and in this course, I've packed in all the game-changing tricks that not only got me owning the scale but leveled up my playing overall. Let's get you there too 👊

    Extras: backings, guitar pro tabs, PDFs, scale charts

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