5 Modern Legato Tips (Avoiding the 80s Sound!)

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  • Does your Legato sound like you're stuck in the 80s? Here are my top five tips for modernizing your Legato.

    Tip #1: Smooth Out Your Pick Strikes
    Avoid ruining your Legato with aggressive pick strikes. Instead, aim for consistency in volume between pick notes and Legato notes. Try to maintain a smooth flow by minimizing pick strikes or even eliminating them altogether while keeping your hand in place for muting purposes.

    Tip #2: Break Away from Predictable Note Groupings
    In the 80s, it was common to stick to three-note-per-string patterns. Break free from this predictability by experimenting with different note groupings. Mix in two-note-per-string, one-note-per-string, or even four-note-per-string patterns for a more dynamic and interesting Legato technique.

    Tip #3: Embrace Hybrid Picking
    Utilize hybrid picking to add versatility to your Legato technique. By incorporating both the pick and your fingers, you can achieve a soft and warm tone. Experiment with hybrid picking patterns to discover new textures and sounds for your Legato playing.

    Tip #4: Explore Beyond Standard Scales
    Don't limit yourself to standard scales like the major or minor scale. Incorporate jazzier scales such as the melodic minor scale or weave in chromatic notes with your standard scales. Mixing different scales adds complexity and depth to your Legato playing, making it sound more modern and sophisticated.


    Tip #5: Keep All Your Fingers Busy
    Avoid leaving any fingers hanging when playing Legato. Get accustomed to using four-note-per-string patterns to keep all your fingers engaged and active. This ensures a more fluid and efficient Legato technique.

    Good luck with your legato practice! 

    P.S. If all of this went my way too fast I recommend checking out my Hybrid Legato course.

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