A Reality Check in the Social Media Age

Let's have a heart-to-heart about something we all face in the era of social media: the comparison game. It's easy to scroll through our feeds and think, "Am I really that good at guitar?" The truth is, social media has set the bar pretty high, making us feel like everyone's a guitar virtuoso.

But here's a reality check: if you can nail a musical bend, you're already ahead of the game, probably more skilled than 99% of the guitarists you see online. Yup, you read that right!

In a world where jaw-dropping skills flood our screens daily, it's easy to underestimate our own abilities. Don't fall into that trap. Your musical bend alone puts you in an impressive percentile.

So, let's kick that shyness to the curb. Your guitar skills are more significant than you think. It's not a competition; it's about enjoying the music and celebrating your journey.

Next time you're tempted to downplay your skills, remember that killer bend you've got in your arsenal. You're rocking it, and you're probably rocking it better than you realize.

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