No progress? Here's what to do

The idea is to build momentum with a scale such as the E Dorian:

And then land on more melodic notes, for example some nice bends in Em Pentatonic:


Ever feel like you're practicing your heart out but going nowhere fast? 

Back in the day, I'd spend hours grinding scales and exercises, hoping for guitar greatness. But here's the thing: without clear goals, I was just spinning my wheels.

So, what's the key? Getting real about what you want. For me, it was killer lead guitar solos. With a clear target, I could finally start making progress.

But if you're still stuck, let's troubleshoot. Maybe you're like me, stuck in scale city, hoping speed alone will cut it. Spoiler: it won't. Give your licks a destination. Stop treating your fretboard like a race track and start crafting melodies that sing.

Now, onto rhythm. If you're rhythmically challenged like I was, fear not. Weave some groove into your routine. Feel it out and watch your solos come alive.

This stuff isn't easy, but trust me, it's worth it. Your solos will thank you, and so will your ears. And hey, if you need a hand, I'm here.

Catch you later,

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