Building Picking Speed

We've all been there—practicing diligently, starting slow to build that speed foundation, only to hit a roadblock when trying to crank up the tempo. The truth is, your slow practice might not automatically translate to fast speeds. Why? Because those big, sweeping picking movements you've honed at a slower pace won't magically morph into lightning-fast precision.

To truly master speed, the key lies in imitation. Yes, you heard it right—imitate the fast movements even at a slow speed. The secret sauce? Efficient movements. Think barely visible picking actions that are smooth, controlled, and precise.

Here's the lowdown:

1. Speed is Born in Efficiency
Efficient movements are the backbone of fast playing. Instead of relying on broad strokes, focus on streamlined, almost invisible picking actions. It's about precision over amplitude.

2. Imitate the Fast, Even at a Crawl
Don't wait until you're ready to unleash full-speed madness. Start imitating those efficient, barely visible movements right from the get-go. Slow it down but keep the efficiency intact.

3. Embrace Control over Chaos
Fast playing isn't about chaos; it's about control. Those who master speed have honed the art of efficient, controlled movements that can be executed at any tempo.

So, the next time you're on the speed quest, remember—it's not just about playing slow; it's about playing efficiently, even when the pace is a crawl.


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