Unlocking Views: Add Originality!

Ever feel like your guitar videos are stuck in the 0-views zone? We've all been there, and here's the thing: sometimes a sprinkle of originality can be the secret sauce to turn things around. But I get it, easier said than done, right? Unless you're channeling your inner Jimi Hendrix.

Here's a golden rule: steer clear of the regular note-playing highway. Sure, anyone can play a note the usual way, but to stand out, you've got to get a bit wild. Think of each note as an opportunity for a musical adventure.

How, you ask? Mix it up! Don't just hit the note; caress it with a combo of techniques. Rake it, slide into it, give it a good bend, throw in some double stops—get creative! By blending different techniques, you're cooking up a unique musical stew that's all your own.

Sure, it takes a bit of practice, but the payoff is huge. Your videos become a showcase of your individuality, and who knows, that might just be the magic ticket to turning those 0-views into a guitar sensation.


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